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Tip Top

Mt Chips


Flying Dragons

NZ's latest Family ride direct from Italy- where mums and dads can join in the fun

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Pirates of the Pacific

Take a journey with the Black Pearl
and set sail for a adventure of a lifetime
NZ's latest dark walkthrough attraction

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Grand Carousel

Recently completely overhauled now with new LED lighting.  This example has three horses abreast along with two stationary horses.

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A true American Carousel with a Chariot, Galloping Horses & standers.

Ideal for longer term events

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A slightly smaller example - with two horses abreast and a selection of exotic animals to ride.

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Classic Merry-Go-Round

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This Classic ride features stationary Horses, Motor Bikes, and Duck figurines

Rockin Tug

Climb aboard to set sail and feel the motion of the ocean.

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Check out more photos of the Rockin Tug here

Dragon Wagon

New Zealand's most popular kids ride.

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A traditional favourite with all the family.

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Dodgem Cars

Everyone remembers their first experience of being able to drive on the dodgem cars.  With three different tracks we are able to provide one that meets every occassions' needs.

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Dodgem cars perfect for older kids, teenages and adults

Ferris Wheel

No fair is complete without the classic Ferris Wheel.

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Pirate Ship

A popular family ride.

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Fun Factory

New Zealand's greatest funhouse - with everything from wacky steps to fun slides built over three stories.

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Ghost Train

Not for the faint hearted.  Special effects, from a layer of mist to moving ghosts, continually make this a crowd favourite.

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The traditional Chair-o-plane has made a welcome return to a select number of events.  Hold tight and feel the breeze!

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